What type of garments should you wear according to you height?

We have these tips for you to take advantage of your figure and know what type of clothes to use according to your height, pay attention, because we will tell you how using your favorite #BocaRosa clothes you can favor your figure or help you look taller.

For girls who are very tall

If you are tall we recommend you to wear clothes with belts, since these helps to break with the verticality and draw a horizontal line helping to accentuate your figure, another way to cause this visual effect is to use the blouse inside. If you want to balance your figure we recommend using cuts above the knee, this will help the illusion of longer legs.


To earn a few centimeters, we recommend the following

In the case that you are looking to look taller the ideal is to use blouses, jackets or sacks that fall to the height of the hip, because if they are longer they can give the illusion of a short torso, use vertical line prints this will help you see you a little taller, so that your legs look longer use pants, skirts or short shorts.


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