What to wear to every holiday party

The holidays are the time to don our gayest apparel, supposedly, but the song never gives us any particularly specific advice. For this year’s holiday parties—whether they’re with your coworkers, your extended family, or your chosen family—we consulted some of the best outfit advice for your perfect outfit.


There are some dressing ways that are about the place, whether it's day or night. If your event is daytime we recommend you to wear a short dress or a cocktail dress. The cocktail dress reaches the knees, or a few centimeters below, usually with flight. Choosing evening dress is a task that should consider many aspects, generally, these models are long and reach the ankles (at least) but depending on the event and where it will take place. For dinner, graduation or wedding choose a long dress as it will give you elegance.



For these more relaxed situations, the casual-chic style is the perfect one, with this we refer to an elegant but relaxed, freer style of dress, which is ideal for going to a friend's meeting in a restaurant, a romantic date or an event semi-casual. For this style, it's necessary to choose a garment or accessory which will be the main protagonist in your outfit and the rest must accompany. As for the colors, there is no established palette, remember not to use more than three colors at the same time, nor more than three within the same range. If it's a less formal event such as a meeting with friends, you can choose a cocktail style half-leg or even a little above the knee.

From work to the party

It's one day of the week, you are working a long day and immediately after leaving work you have a social gathering, but you don't have time to go home to change your outfit. What are you going to do? You can't wear work clothes to go to “party” but you can't go to work with party clothes. Listen, there is a way that you can do both and get away with it. Use neutral colors such as black, beige, brown or navy blue. To be ready and presentable both times the solution is to wear different layers of clothing. That is, to go to work you can wear dress pants, medium heels, a scarf around the neck and a jacket or blazer. The trick is that under the jacket you have a slightly more casual or party shirt. When night comes, you just have to take off your jacket, add some striking and ready accessory.

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