What to wear for a more defined waist

We know that one of the most feminine a thing in this world is the waist, molds and shapes or body by marking more curves. Luckily many women have it, bad luck may not, so today I will tell you a few simple tricks that can follow to get that wasp belt.

There are tricks that work for everyone if what we´re looking for is a single result, today we will focus on marking the waist to get a very feminine silhouette.

  • Clothing with high draught

A skirt, trousers, or jeans with a high shot will always be flattering the waist, as they just start where it is and will mar kit. These garments will give you a more defined waist, do you already have a garment like this? If not, go to www.bocarosausa.com and look for a garment with a high shot.

  • Line cutting A

This type of garment is perfect to hide the abdomen bulging, plus it´s not tight, as the bottom is loose. Whether it's A dress, a blouse, or a skirt will always be a good choice. You can look for mixed options in our Boca Rosa Collections, such as the online cut and that at the end of the garment has an olan or fringes to make it look cool and not so simple.

  • A belt that becomes your best friend

If you still don´t have a belt, it´s time to buy one: we suggest that it be in a neutral color such as black or brown so you can make different combinations; but spring you can opt for one in white, beige, or pastel tones.

The most important part of this advice is not to wear on the hip, but always check that it is right at the wist, combine it with jeans, dress, or blouses.

The best outfits for your waist are at www.bocarosausa.com and choose the coolest clothes!

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