What the colors you wear say about you?

Are you ready to decipher the mystery of your closet? Although it seems hard to believe, the predominant color in your closet determines your personality. Are you ready? 

  • Red

With this color, you prove to be a girl looking to succeed in everything proposed by yourself. Red color means self-confidence and daring. 

  • Orange

You prove to be a pleasant and familiar person. You are a cheerful and jovial girl. In short, people love to be with you.

  • Blue Color

You always have to make a good impression, because tranquility and serenity are part of you. You project peace from far away. 

  • Green

You transmit a fresh spirit and you are a person who loves nature, you are a super ecologist girl. 

  • Pink

You love to show your femininity and prove to be a super pretty woman, cute and sexy. 

  • Yellow

 By wearing this color you show us that you are a super daring girl, who doesn't care what others will say, you just love living every moment.

  • White

By dressing with this color you project tranquility and lots of brightness. You are a girl with a lot of self-confidence and positivism.

  • Black

With this color you transmit being a classic girl who loves to convey power and elegance.

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