Types of neckline dresses

Spring arrives and with it dinners, parties and social events increases. Many women begin to wonder: what do I buy? What will suit me?

There is a saying that says "in fashion, what suits you", and that is that every woman has a constitution, height and special characteristics, and not everything suits good. When choosing a dress you have to know how to recognize, first, the physical characteristics of yourself, and adapt the fashion to our qualities.

Round neckline

It is a very simple and very flattering neckline for most bodies, especially for women with a generous breast, since being shallow it disguises it very well.

Optically lengthens the neck. It is also recommended for women with a long face or drooping shoulders.

Avoid it if you have a very thin face, since it will look like you have it even more. Also if you have very wide shoulders, they will look wider.

Heart Neckline

This style of cleavage creates in the chest area the two curves of the upper part of a heart, leaving the shoulders uncovered. It is one of the favorite necklines for brides, as combined with full and fluffy skirts give a traditional and romantic touch.

It gives a perfect balance to the female silhouette, bringing attention to the upper part of the dress and visually lengthens the face.

Avoid it if you do not want to draw attention to your bust as it highlights the chest whether large or small.

V-neck or crossover

 It is a very flattering neckline and helps to make the silhouette more slender and long. It slims the body, so it is suitable for wide women, with a short neck and those with a very large bust.

Avoid it if you have a very long face or do not want to be fixed on your neckline.

Now that you know some of the main necklines that exist, it's time to recognize your main attributes and dress them.

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