Tips to look taller!

If you're on the short side, it's natural to wish you were taller. Luckily, a few tips to your wardrobe can help.

Hello to V-necks

For any top you wear, go for a V-necks whenever possible. V-necks work great to add height and stretch out your frame, so always be on the lookout for v-necks when shopping.

Show your legs!

Shorter clothes help your torso look shorter and your legs look longer, creating the illusion of height. 

Wear vertical stripes

Vertical stripes pretty much do the same thing as column dressing—they give the illusion that you’re super tall, even if you’re not.

Improving Your Posture

Standing up and sitting straight can make you look taller. To stand straight, lift you head slightly forward. Lengthen your torso and spine. Widen your shoulders and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, supporting your body and propelling it upward.

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