T is for Trending TikTok fashion!

Social distancing has sparked a wave of creativity on social media. If YouTube is no longer enough to entertain you, TikTok is probably your favorite place to distract yourself now. And we not only love TikTok creators for their fun videos but also for the cool outfits that light up our screens with color.

Whether you are a viewer or in the spotlight, today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you some fashion trends from TikTok to your home, office or school.

Prints and flowers

If you can't go out and enjoy the summer, then let summer come into your home. If you love to dance and sing, make the music flow through the colors of your tops.



Crop tops

We love crop tops! We don't know why a piece that was so 2000s made such a strong comeback, but we love it. And it's no surprise that TikTok creators love them too. They are sexy, fun and full of good vibes.



Oversized tops

We are not trying to imitate Ariana Grande, but on TikTok everyone´s obsessed with oversized tops and any outfit that gives us layers and more layers. Don't ask why, just let it be.



Double color

This is probably the most random trend all, but it adds originality and a little bit of madness to your look. If you can't decide between colors or textures, then wear both!



If you are at home, at school, office or anywhere, show your most fun part of you and fill your social networks with these cool trends!

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