Spring Makeup Trends

Spring is almost here! There’s already a warmer weather and more colorful open spaces with flowers and plants. Nature is vibrating in color, so you also let your face come alive this season.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you some of our favorite makeup trends from the most fashionable runways that you can wear and begin Spring with a lot of enthusiasm and glamour.

Glitter Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye is already a beauty classic, but this Spring it comes with a variation full of vitality: glitter to make it shine and a modern look. Apply some primer first to prevent the glitter from falling and then add your favorite eye-shadow with glitter on it.

White Liquid Liner

The purity and freedom of Spring is reflected in your eyes. With a white eyeliner you will stand out and say a lot with just one look. To achieve greater definition, use a liquid eyeliner instead of pencil. Keep the rest of your makeup soft to not steal attention from the eyeliner.

Contrasting colors

Using two contrasting colors in your eyeshadow is one of the coolest ways to play and experiment with color this Spring. Choose two opposite colors in your shadow palette, then apply one over your eyelids and the other under your eyes.

Bright and diffused lips

Pink may not seem like a groundbreaking color for Spring, but the truth is that a classic never goes out of style. Apply your favorite lipstick and then diffuse it using a blending brush, starting from the center and then into the edges.

This Spring dare to experiment with new ways to use your usual makeup. Use it with confidence and complement your style with some cool clothes in bright colors and transparencies to have the most awesome look. Here are some of our favorites:

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