Sexiest color this Summer! Wear it back to activities!

We’re dying to enjoy summer with no worries! Fortunately, we are already very close to overcoming the difficult situation we have faced in recent weeks. Remember that in order to resume the new normality of our lives it completely depends on how well we follow hygiene rules and social distancing. We can do it!

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you how to use the sexiest color of summer, bright orange, in your makeup and outfits during this return to activities. It’s time to show off the style you've been keeping at home!

A view of hope

Remember that the use of facemasks is still mandatory to protect each other, take advantage of this to make your eyes the focus of attention on your face. Wear a soft orange shade around your eyes, up and down. You will look as if the sunset sun is always hitting your eyes, giving you a hopeful and warm look. Combine it with white blouses or soft tones, to not lose attention from your eyes.



Wearing a monochrome outfit is so trendy right now. Why make a big deal looking for combinations when you can use the same color with no problem? Wear a light orange blush with lipstick of the same color, add your favorite blouse or dress in that color, along with your cutest accessories. You will not need anything else to be beautiful and comfortable.


Daring Neon

If you want an extra touch to this color, use a neon orange shadow or liner. It will give you a modern, futuristic and quite sexy look. Complement it with a black low-cut blouse. Don't be afraid to show your sexiest side!


Make style the rule of the new normal! Resume your activities always with caution, empathy to others and looking beautiful. May your outer beauty match the inner one.

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