School and work outfits

You are one of the girls who study and work at the same time, and prefer to change twice your outfit because don't want to look super formal at school or super casual at work? Stop carry extra clothes, we have some outfits that will make your perfect outfit for everyday and for everywhere. 


The dress is one of the basics in any girl's closet, we can use it for day and night, for a party, for work or for school. Although it seems to be too simple, it never looks the same when you know how to give it variety. A dress fits everything, you can wear it with tennis to school and then you only change your shoes.

 Stylish blouses

Now the office outfit is not fought with style, the classic suit is over. With a single blouse, you can achieve a balance between the formal for the office, and the modern for the school. Although formal button blouses are still widely used, other styles and designs of clothes are already accepted, from very elegant and formal blouses to light and patterned blouses. The idea is to give it a suitable touch for each place, you can achieve it by adding a sweater or blazer, it will still give you an elegant touch for work and a very sophisticated look for school.

Bring your pants to life
It isn't necessary to wear only black or gray pants to go to work, you can experiment with other colors and other shapes, in this way you can also wear them at school, the important thing is that you know how to combine it with the correct blouse and shoes.

When you are in this situation, simplicity and comfort is the priority, but you can not miss the glamor.

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