Relieve stress at home

How crazy it is what we’re living! As you already know, most of us are staying home as part of the efforts to prevent the spread of the recent Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the whole world.

For many, this has caused uncertainty and anxiety. However we know that we are capable of overcoming all of this and more by staying together and following the recommendations to take care of our health. Never let yourself fall!

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we give you some tips to relieve the stress caused by this whole situation. Without leaving your house, of course!

Treat your body and face

It is the perfect moment to treat yourself with some homemade facemasks, a manicure or pedicure, or just take a hot bath. These simple things will help you connect with yourself and free your mind of anxiety.

Last week we shared with you some super simple masks to make at home. Check them out here:



Singing and dancing!

Music makes your body happy almost immediately. With work and school maybe you don't have much time to listen to your favorite music as often. Make your playlist with songs that make your body move, and just let go and relax.

 Read a book

Just like many other activities, our daily routine probably doesn't leave us much time to enjoy hobbies like reading. Take advantage of these days to pick up a book that you had pending or start one that interests you. Reading opens the mind and relaxes our entire body.


Exercise relieves your body from stress and gives you a feeling of complete well being. If the gym or parks are closed, make a YouTube search or download an exercise app. There you will find different routines that you can easily do at home without the need of additional objects.


Enjoy your family

It seems difficult to say, but truth is that situations like the one we are experiencing help us to value more what we have, especially our family, friends and those who are close to us. Use this time to enjoy them, talk to them and express what you feel. Even if your friends or other family members are not close, a message or a call is enough to brighten up any day.

Together we take care of ourselves and together we will get through this! We want you to stay safe during these weeks, and we wish that you are relaxing at home getting ready to resume your activities with lots of energy and joy. Let the #BocaRosaAttitude be part of you.