Mother and daughter – Style that matches your love

My mom is my first friend, my best friend and my friend forever. It is very likely that most of us learned how to wear makeup, do our hair and, of course, how to dress thanks to Mom. Although your styles may be different, there is always a bond that keeps you together to your mom, and Mother's Day is the perfect occasion for you girls to shine and have fun together.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we give you three ideas for activities to celebrate mom on her day and also have a fun matching style at home.

Movie night

Spend and evening watching your favorite movies from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. Make popcorn and her favorite snacks, and enjoy being together. For maximum comfort, put on a super cool button-down blouse and gift your mom one of the same. Lines on clothing always look very pretty, especially on a blouse.


Special lunch or dinner

If you want to surprise mom, prepare something delicious for her. You can order out or cook her favorite dishes yourself. You don't need something so extravagant to make it special, put a cute tablecloth, some candles and if possible flowers to decorate the table. Enjoy together something made with love, and for extra good vibes gift Mom a comfortable and casual dress, and complement her look with one for you too. You will feel like you’re in a fancy restaurant from home.


A call means the world

Maybe not all of us are near to our mothers or we don't have the opportunity to visit them, but remember that no matter how far away you are, love knows no distance. A video call in her day can brighten her heart and improve any situation. Call her to send her good wishes and tell her how much you love her. Send her a gift home and surprise her even more with a floral blouse, which never goes out of style. It's Spring, so take advantage of the season! Everyone will love your matching outfits when you share screenshots of the call on your Insta.


It doesn't matter if this Mother's Day you are near or far from your mom, show your love with special details that will make her smile.

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