Love in quarantine

Life has faced us with new challenges in recent weeks, also showing us a new way of experiencing love. If you have a partner and you have not been able to see each other during all this time, it surely has made you find creative ways of being together. If you are single, perhaps this has created different opportunities to meet new people.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we celebrate love and we show you how to turn this time of isolation into an opportunity of showing affection.

Communication is key

If you are in a relationship, communication is essential to stay connected and feel close to each other. Fortunately in these times, talking to the person you love is as easy as making a video call or sending a message. If you are getting to know a new person, make them feel heard and be attentive. A message or a call can shine someone else's day in a big way.

Establish healthy boundaries

These weeks of isolation and quarantine have forced millions of families to face situations that they have never dealt with in their lives, such as working from home, online classes and spending much more time at home. It is important that you keep boundaries and schedules in your activities. You can agree with your partner what are the best times for them to call or send messages without interruptions in their daily activities.

 Express your desires and expectations

If you are getting to know someone online during this quarantine, clearly communicate what you expect from this relationship, it could be maybe meeting at some point next or just chatting during these weeks. Always be clear on what you want to avoid misunderstandings and broken hearts.

Be creative

They say love is blind, but that doesn’t mean that you will not put creativity and effort to be close to the person you love. You can have a date by video call and enjoy together in the distance very special moments. Make sure you look cute and comfortable for the occasion. Buttoned blouses are a feminine and stylish option to enjoy. Here we leave you some of our favorites.

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