Learning from mom’s style

Let's make "mom's clothes" cool! Many girls wonder if our style changes over time and sure, there are many clothes considered as for moms or older women. Fashion certainly changes over time, but we can learn to leave stereotypes behind and learn a lot from mom’t style.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you some “mom clothes” that will make you look sooo good and that will make you connect more with her.

Elegant blazers that never go out of style

Blazers make an impact on their own and can transform any outfit from something very casual to one full of elegance. Mom maybe uses them when it is cold and surely tells you not to leave your house without a jacket, even if the temperature seems quite pleasant. When you want to look elegant, try a long sleeve blazer. Mom will thank you.


Jumpsuits for total comfort

Comfort is not exclusive of a certain age. Mom has many things to do at work, at home, or with her friends, and the last thing a woman wants is to be uncomfortable all day. Jumpsuits and outfits give you freedom of movement and freshness no matter what you have to do. If you haven't tried them, ask your mom how much she likes them and believe us you will love them.


Mom pants

It is not a law that when women reach a certain age they always have to wear those short “mom pants”. Mom has been through a lot already and is not afraid to express her style the way she wants. This type of pants is ideal to wear with your cutest shoes and again, comfort is not far behind! You and mom can choose the shoes they like best and wear them with the most stylish pants.


All women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes, and that goes far beyond how old you are. Learn to love mommy's style and you may embrace clothes you didn't know you could love.

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