Keep your style

Having your own style isn't an easy task, but it is also not impossible if you are faithful to your personality, you wear good quality garments and, above all, don't dress to please others. Fashion is one of the many ways we have to express ourselves about who we are, so there nothing is wrong but there are guidelines on clothing, based on styles and trends that are being updated.

Sweaters according to texture

This is one of the most rescued garments in the cold season, and the main recommendation for this garment is to be careful with the thickness of the knit or the fabric because they can increase volume where we don't want it. We must also be careful with the colors we choose, there are colors that remain, others give us light, and others don't' help to our curves. Do tests and choose the best one for you. If you are going to wear a jacket, it's better than it isn't very thick. 

 Coats according to height

Coats are that outer garment that will be our ally throughout the winter or also our enemy if we don't choose well. For short women, the challenge is to lengthen the figure. It's essential to avoid any piece that adds volume, because the effect will be the opposite. Then, avoid bulky clothing and opt for vertical lines that will benefit your figure. On the other hand, if you are tall, any coat design will favor you. There are those who recommend not wearing long clothes because they will accentuate that characteristic. While others give it the green light to hide stature or invited to take advantage of it.

Denim jacket

The denim jacket is a very comfortable and versatile garment. In hot weather you can wear it without problems because it's very fresh. However, what happens in reverse? Can you also use it in cold weather? The answer is: of course yes! And nothing strange will look. You just have to put attention to how you combine it. The easiest way to wear a denim jacket is to wear a sweater underneath. I recommend that you play with the textures of the sweaters, such as yarn. Also, take colors into account, you will look excellent with earth or neutral colors that never fail.

So having this clear, I can highlight certain mistakes that are currently made when wearing winter clothes, these recommendations will depend a lot on your figure and your personal style, so you should pay attention to the clothes that look better in you. 

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