How to dress warm without losing style

Want to stay true to your style without freezing? Don’t fret! There are plenty of ways you can dress for fall and winter while still making a fashion statement. Here are some ideas on how to stay warm without losing your style.

Long and short coat

When temperatures drop, this model becomes the protagonist in our closet because it is light, fluffy, comfortable and ultra-soft. Ideal to wear at any occasion, you can wear it on a light sweater or blouse. Coats are essential in our day to day, both for functionality and for aesthetics, long or short, and the best thing is this season they come back with strength and they do it betting on the light textures, the volume and risky cuts, the floral prints or the vest type. Wear them whenever you want to stand out and look very fashionable.

Fluffy jacket
There is nothing warmer than a huge and fluffy jacket, the perfect garment for you, especially if you are one of those who think of wearing an elegant piece that you can combine with a basic outfit like shirts and jeans, which are always the best allies. The advantage of this jacket is that you can wear it for any occasion also. 

Blouse type sweater

The sweater is a fantastic fashion piece for women, they are excellent for warmer seasons, such as spring and summer; and essential for autumn and winter. Suitable for daily use and all kinds of occasions. It's relaxed and original style makes you always look fashionable and keeps you warm in cold weather.

You must adapt your look to the situation. Always keeping the same scheme and without leaving your style, you have to be able to adapt your clothes both to a very cold day, to a romantic dinner, work and school.

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