How to dress if you are short?

Yes, it is exasperating when you go to buy a garment that you like and that comes to the store. If you are short, do not worry, here are a few secrets that will help you create the perfect look. Out complex!

Being short involves a series of challenges that you have to face every day. Sometimes you even get confused with a teenager and they ask you ID to enter that club that you like so much - although let's face it, deep down you love that this happens. However, what bothers you the most is not finding the clothes that you feel good about and you can find out about #TrendTuesday

  • Skirts with silhouette A

They are tendency and, in addition, they lengthen the silhouette. For optical effect, choose short skirts that have a slight flared cut (wide skirt) better than those that are tight on the leg.

  • The shirt at the height of the hip

The longer blouses play against you because they flatten the silhouette, but when it falls just over the bones of the pelvis it favors verticality.

  • Put the accent on the waist

It is not a more elegant way. Calling attention to the part of the abdomen is a resource.

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