How to dress according to your body shape

Knowing how the silhouette itself is really useful to find the clothes that suits you the best, as well as to adapt the clothing to the specific requirements of each silhouette. Although the body shape is something personal, there are different general classifications that help you know what type of garments you can look better and take advantage of your body.


Inverted Triangle Shape

Your golden rule is to give little prominence to your shoulders, they already have it by themselves, right?

You have to balance your figure, how? Very easy, focus on your hips and / or legs. You can use flowy clothes or prints, you will get an optical effect of alienated hips and shoulders.

I explain it to you with outfits and you will see it even clearer.


Pear Shape

This type of body is characterized by curvy hips and wide thighs. Many pear-shaped bodies also feature small bust, narrow shoulders and a well-defined waist. Keep your proportions under control by highlighting the upper part of your body while giving less emphasis to the lower part. You will look fantastic with just a few fashion tricks!


Rectangle Shape 

Rectangular bodies are characterized by the absence of very pronounced curves, being rather a bit straight in the torso area. They can be distinguished because they have shoulders of a similar width to the hips and little defined waist.

The first and most important recommendation if you want to know how to dress if you have a rectangular body is to avoid all those garments that accentuate the straight figure. Dresses that are not fitted at the waist, skirts without shapes, pants and coats with a straight cut will only accentuate the lack of curves, making it very pronounced.


Do you already know what type of body you have? If this system has not worked for you, and you want to know your body type according to your measurements, follow these steps: take measurements of shoulders, waist and hips and check your proportions. As simple as that!

Visit and find the clothes that you like the most and favor your figure with these tips!

Always remember to have #BocaRosaAttitude.