How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

The date doesn't matter! Give us a red lipstick and we will conquer the world. But when it comes to such a stunning color, it has to be executed correctly, since there are many elements that can completely ruin your look, from over-lining to bleeding edges and even the worst: lipstick on the teeth!

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we teach you how to do a perfect Red Lip, having in mind that the most romantic holiday of the year is approaching and you want to look beautiful for the occasion. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Prep the lip

Preparing your lips and keeping them moisturized is always important, but when they are the focal point of your makeup then they should be a perfect and soft canvas. This means total moisture and zero dead skin. If there is at least a little dryness, it will make your lips not look as clean and defined as we want them to be.

Start using your favorite lip scrub. If you prefer something natural you can make one at home with a little sugar and a drop of coconut oil. Another trick is to use a towel when getting out of the shower; soak the tip in a little moisturizer or coconut oil and with circular movements remove the dead skin from your lips. The heat of the shower helps you remove it very easily.

Then apply your favorite lip moisturizer and remove the excess with a dry wipe.

Line the lip for added definition

Now that you have a blank canvas to apply on it, with your lip liner mark an X on your cupid's bow to create definition. On your lower lip, start outlining the center and gradually joining it with the corners of the upper lip. To make your lips look more voluptuous, you can extend just a little beyond the corners.

Fill the lip

When you finish lining your lips, fill them with your favorite red lipstick and use a smooth brush to give them a perfect texture without lumps. If you like a super matte look, blot with a tissue.

Your lips are ready to dazzle with sensuality and confidence! If you have a date or a special event, complement your look with a black blouse or top to highlight your makeup and make it the focal point of all your outfit. Here are some of our favorites:

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