How to be an empowered woman

Be a confident and empowered woman all year! This March 8th. we commemorate International Women's Day, which is dedicated to honoring the achievements made by women throughout history all around the world.

During the last years and especially these last months, the different movements related to this day have generated a debate not only in our country and our Latina community, but all around the planet. Whether you agree with one position or another, what is true is that every day we must celebrate who we are and be sure of the way we are.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we give you 3 basic statements to be an empowered woman everyday and to always love who you are.

Accept what you’ve been through

International Women's Day was not conceived as a simple whim or petition but as a movement to demand the rights that correspond to us and to which we were denied for years. There is still a long way to go, but in your personal life you can start by leaving behind what once afflicted you. For example, an abusive relationship, a terrible memory of your childhood or adolescence, some case of harassment or anything else that left a mark on you. Learn to free yourself from these negative memories and use them to motivate you to move on. Whatever happened, you survived it and keep in mind that no one can destroy you once again.

Search for what you love and enjoy the road

Work every day to find what you love and what’s your passion in the world. We can spend a lifetime looking for the answer, so enjoy every part of the road. One day you can be in one place and the next you can be in a completely new one. Experiences give us the ability to choose what we like and to love what we do. For some women, it may be to stand out in their career, for others to travel and for others to start a family. If it is what you love, it is completely valid to fight for it.

We are stronger together

It is completely true that unity is strength, and since women have long been relegated and attacked, then there is no place to attack each other as well. Love your family and your friends, be empathetic with your work or school mates, as well as with other women in the streets and public places. Understanding and compassion give us the weapons to be united and to not allow someone to hurt us.

The answer to how to be an empowered woman is not based on wanting to walk over others or to always being defensive. When we are passionate about what we do, when we leave bad experiences behind and show empathy towards others, that automatically makes you look strong, confident and admirable.

Our #AttitudeBocaRosa is committed to Latin women and stands far beyond the fashion and style that empowers us.