Hottest hair trends you must wear this Summer!

With salons closed for the last three months and reopenings subject to approval, our hair is overgrown, to say the least. But you can still have a low maintenance, and very cute, hair style to save the day. They’re easy to achieve, effortlessly chic, and will disguise any split ends or overgrown roots. Feeling good about yourself helps you to be in a state of harmony and tranquility, either at your house or during your activities outside the home.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you some hairstyles that will be so trendy this summer.

Braided top knots 

If your braids are in need of a reset, style them in a high top knot. It instantly snatches the face and looks great when paired with intricate baby hairs. 

Flat iron waves

Flat iron waves are a great styling option if your hair is in desperate need of a trim or your DIY cut was a little uneven. The texture and mismatched length help disguise split ends while leaving you with a sexy casual look.

Let your curls feel alive

If you’re looking for a hairstyle to disguise grown-out roots, embrace your curls and rock the 80s disco look. It’s fun, gorgeous, and hides split ends. Dare to show yourself!

Bobble braids or braided tendrils

Although it seems a very retro style, truth is that bobble braids are great to keep all your hair tight. It will take some time to tie each part of your braids, but the hairstyle will last for hours with no need of retouches.


While braided tendrils are not a style reserved for the beach, it’s a versatile style that can be worn into the night.

Classic undone buns

It's probably the hairstyle you've worn the most at home during this quarantine, and we love it! Many celebrities wear it with no shame. Dare to be comfortable and casual all day.

Bandanas and hats

Having a bad hair day? Throw on a bandana and you’ll instantly transform the look. And, if your hair has passed the point of no return, wack on THE hat of 2020, AKA the bucket hat. 


This summer we will look beautiful because we want to! Don’t pay attention to what anyone says or thinks since your comfort and style is number one. Let the casual looks of your hair match your closet. Here are some of our favorite tops this week. They are now available at with free shipping to all states!