Goodbye to dry skin this Winter!

Is this year’s first month almost over?! January has brought us many moments of reflection and of course, lots of fun. Partying all night long, binge eating and drinking affect the appearance of our skin, but there is always a way to avoid dryness.


Today in our #TuesdayBlog we give you some tips to always look radiant.


Wash your face everyday!

There is an unmissable rule: always wash your face twice a day. In the morning it helps you remove dead skin cells and dirt that may be in your pillows and blankets. At night it helps you remove all the dirt from the environment to which you were exposed, including makeup and pollution.


Avoid abrasive environments

Keep a considerable distance from heaters or fans, and try not to be exposed to places that are too hot. All of this can dry your skin a lot.


Moisturizing and makeup

You always need a moisturizer in your handbag. Use it to keep your skin protected and radiant, you can also use sunscreen. Choose your makeup very carefully, it is worth investing in products that favor your skin type and do not harm it very much.


Water is the best beauty tip!

Drink water at all times. Water helps us keep the skin moist and give it a youthful appearance. Drink at least 68 oz. of water a day and you will not only notice a prettier skin but also more energy in your body.


Clothes help too!

There are colors and clothes that can give your skin a better look, try wearing blouses with bare shoulders or in bright tones, and you will notice the changes in your face. Here are some super nice options:


Follow our tips and keep the vitality of your skin during this winter season to always look radiant and beautiful!


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