First love: Real one or just a crush?

We just started the most romantic (and cheesy?) month of the year! For many, Valentine's Day is a holiday full of cute and unforgettable moments as a couple, while many others hate all of this love in the air. And for others it is probably a time of mixed feelings when experiencing a relationship for the first time. But this so-called first love, do you know if it's true or just a crush?

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we share some tips to enjoy this first love, and protect yourself from several mistakes that could break your heart.


Be always yourself!

It is quite common to change the way you are or act in order to impress or get the attention of someone you like. Even already in a relationship, we often pretend just to please the other person. We ask you to never lose your essence. It is more important to be yourself than anything else. 

Don’t think about the past!

Maybe you have had some dates and no boyfriend, while your partner probably has a bigger record. Do not be overwhelmed by that, if he is with you it is because he is interested only in you. The past doesn't define us and don't let it define your relationship.

Be honest about the good and the bad

Honesty is key to a healthy and happy relationship. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, talk about it and search for a solution, but also share when something makes you feel happy and great. Bad moments help us to improve the relationship and good things to make it stronger.

Do not ever compare yourself to others

Each of us have our path and our moment, do not try to force your relationship based on comparisons with those of your friends or family. Enjoy what you are living and do not rush anything, all at your own pace. 

Is it forever?

No one knows the answer. Love can last days or years, don’t let this get into your head. Maybe your heart will get hurt at some point, but no one knows for certain anyway. If it's your first love, enjoy it and live it with passion and emotion every minute. Valentine's Day is the ideal time to create great memories and unforgettable dates.

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