Don’t let quarantine mess with your sleep!

These last weeks we’ve had experiences that we could never had imagined, but we are sure that we all have the strength and determination to get ahead. We also realized that many people at home changed their eating and sleeping habits, eating or sleeping excessively. Don't be one of them!

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you how food directly affects your sleep. Stay healthy and stay active.

Snacks before bed

And we don't mean candy or chips. Studies show that eating healthy snacks like walnuts, almonds and cherries before bed helps our nervous system to relax and get a better night's rest. Add some to your dinner and try this delicious tip for yourself.

Eating too much

As we told you, overeating makes your body feel heavy and too full, preventing you from completely relaxing when going to bed, or making you sleep until late at night. Avoid very fatty foods or eating a lot after 7 pm, your body and your metabolism will thank you.

Dark greens

The term "dark greens" is used to refer to vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli that contain minerals necessary for healthy sleep. Add them to your dinner and relax with a delicious dish before going to bed.


Absolute NO’s

There are foods that definitely affect your quality of sleep and that you should avoid at all costs before going to bed. Caffeine, red meat, and vegetables like eggplants and tomatoes contain vitamins and minerals that give you energy and keep you awake for a long time.

Being watching movies and TV shows, or being on your phone until very late can be fun one night but don't make it a habit. Stay active and get enough sleep to always look radiant and with a #BocaRosaAttitude