DIY Spring Nail Trends

Spring is already home! And it's really not cliché that this season is full of color. Vitality and good vibes is just what we need during these weeks to keep our energy on.

And it is very important to know that beauty and self-care must not be left aside at any time. Today in our #TuesdayBlog we show you some of our favorite nail trends for Spring. They’re super easy for you to try at home!

Color stripes

Spring is all about having fun. Instead of using a single color, choose some of your favorites and draw several lines on each of your nails to give it a daring look.

French Mani

Believe it! The French Mani is going to be HUGE this Spring. A few weeks ago we shared with you a similar style for eyeliner, which you can also combine with your nails. Just apply a few strokes to the contour of each of your nails. It is super simple and it doesn’t require much polish.

Pastel Pink

Want to get in on the minimalist vibe without going the French mani route? No problem, pastel pink is for you! Choose your favorite shade and apply it to all your nails. Elegance and femininity in a super simple way.

Negative space

This name was given to this mani during the latest fashion week. It works to accentuate the natural look of your nails and give you a totally different look in your hands. Just apply your favorite nail polish to the corners of each nail and remove the excess with a cloth.

Stay fresh and beautiful while staying home. Remember to use each style with confidence and you will see how it stands out on its own. Complement your look with some blouses in bright colors and geometric figure prints. Here there are some of our favorites:


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