Clothes that can't leave your closet this fall yet!

It’s the start of a new season, time to retire faded swimsuits and make room for that new fall clothes you’ve been eyeing. But some clothes can't leave your closet this fall yet, and we'll tell you why you should keep them this season. 

Keep your coats

Classic and more timeless garment as coats doesn't exist, you can find it in many styles, and it fits perfect with jeans or even with a short for those days not so cold.

The classic Dress 

Don't save your dresses, you can wear them with a jacket, or with a cute sweater and cowboy boots, you can used with several garments. 

Never miss Denim

Denim, basic garment that will save you for any occasion, especially when you don't find clothes to wear, because you can find it in different presentations either in a jacket, dress or skirt.

With these tips you will be ready to survive this autumn season without losing style.

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