Basic skinscare for Summer

Summer and heat! When it comes to the warmest season of the year it is very important to know what to do to protect your skin and look radiant. Natural beauty goes much further than wearing makeup, so take care of your skin to always look beautiful.

Today in our #TuesdayBlog we give you some basic skincare that you can’t let behind this season.

Stick to a beauty routine

Just like eating at certain times or doing our activities at a certain time, having a daily beauty routine is super important to keep your skin healthy. A simple ritual like washing your face when you wake up and before going to sleep will make a complete difference to your skin. If you also use other types of daily products, never miss a day, and the results will be evident. Make it a habit!


Always know your makeup

Sometimes it is very difficult to know what shade or what kind of colors in makeup look best on our face, however, time gives you the experience to know what type of skin you have and use the right products for it. For example, if you have oily skin you should not use products for dry skin or vice versa. Using the right products will completely improve the look of your face.


Sunscreen and sunscreen!

We cannot make a bolder statement that sunscreen is your most powerful beauty weapon during summer days. Sunlight truly affects the appearance of your skin and if you do not protect yourself, over the years it will undoubtedly make you look older than you are, in addition to causing skin diseases and even skin cancer. Before leaving your house, apply sunscreen to all parts of your body exposed to the sun.

To further protect your skin from the sun, you can wear lightweight fabric long-sleeved blouses that keep you covered but cool at the same time. Here there are some of our favorites for this season. All of them now available at       



Eat clean

We are not trying to tell you to starve yourself eating salads every day, but remember that your face is like a magic mirror and it accurately reflects your eating habits. Your body never lies! So find a balanced diet in your life, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and moderate fats and meats. Change begins from the inside out.

This summer don’t allow the sun to become your worst enemy. Take care of your skin, take care of your beauty and always maintain the #BocaRosaAttitude