Winter Back To School

Happy 2020! We hope you had a season of celebrations full of fun and surrounded by the love of those who love you most. It is essential to give us a few moments of the year to relax, reflect and specially enjoy things as simple as an afternoon resting at home.

But the time has come to return to reality! Many of us are preparing to start classes this new school period. In many states of the country we are going through intense cold, but that is no excuse to lose even a little style this season. Here we leave you some ideas and super cute clothes for back to school.

The basics always save you!

Do not forget to take care of yourself and dress according to the weather. And to withstand the intense cold in some parts of the country, then the jackets and coats will keep you warm. Long or hooded will give you a glamorous style to walk confidently through the halls of the school.


Try different textures in several layers of clothing, either a pair of plain pants or jacket combined with large and patterned garments. Find comfort with a style that makes you feel super confident.

Dare to the unusual!

And if more than comfort, you want to make a fashion statement, then dare to wear outfits that will undoubtedly raise all eyes. Do you have enough confidence to use them? We are sure that yes!

Starts 2020 full of joy, good humor and style! Glamor is in the halls of the school if you decide.

Find these and more clothes for Back to school at with all the bocarosa attitude.