Autum dress trends 2019

We are still enjoying the 2019 summer sales of Boca Rosa. But it doesn't happen to you that you already have an appetite for the coming new season? To know what suits you best and the trends of autumn 2019.

In our #TuesdayOfTrend we tell you which are the best dresses for autumn-winter.

Ideal for women with a "v" shape, our shoulders exceed the width of your waist, as it diverts attention with its tubular (tube) shape.

This cut favors almost the same as the previous one, since it conceals hips and distributes the proportions to your body.

Halfway between the straight cut and the high waist, the tube dress will rescue the importance of your waistline in an elegant and fitted way and will support the sensuality of your curves.

Look for the perfect clothes for mom on will make her look more beautiful!

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