4 amazing beauty hacks for your makeup

The craziest things can be effective! Some of us do not want to spend thousands of dollars on beauty and makeup products. However, this does not mean that we cannot get wonderful results.

Today on our Tuesday Blog we share 4 tips to improve your makeup that, although they sound crazy, are pretty good and effective. Dare to try them and check how great are each one.

Foundation and ice water 

A trick that has become very popular is the so-called Jamsu of Japanese origin, which consists of applying your powder or foundation a little in excess and then immersing your face in ice water for 10 seconds. The water will remove the excess and will make your makeup not move a bit for a long period of time.

Shocking Highlighter 

The Actress Zendaya also has an amazing trick. She reveals that she places petroleum jelly on her skin in the areas where she will apply her illuminator and then apply it giving an extra and impressive shine. We want to try it!

Flawless eyebrows

Beyoncé's makeup artist once revealed that he uses  glue stick to keep his eyebrows in place. If you want to try this trick, apply a little glue stick on your eyebrow brush instead of putting it directly on your skin, so you avoid irritation and give a firm look to your eyebrows.

Natural lip color

To have a pink and natural color on your lips, you can apply some beetroot on them. It has long duration and will give you a super feminine and chic look. In addition, it does not dry or damage your lips in any way.

Dare to something new can give us great results! So try it not only with your makeup but also with your outfits. To complement your beauty looks also try some different clothes but full of attitude:

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